Atmosphere Handheld Cleaner – Disinfectant Sprayer

$ 80.00 USD


Deliver an incredibly powerful fine spraythat is perfect for disinfecting your home, office, car, packages, groceries ... as well as a perfect addition to all commercial disinfecting needs as a spot applicator.

  • Perfect fine spray for disinfecting, “not too wet” and “not to dry” - This keeps you from over wetting and wasting your valuable chemicals
  • 20 ounce capacity Fine Spray Bottle
  • Fill to 16 ounces to allow for air head space for proper operation
  • Working pressure: 90 PSI
  • Reinforced seals and fittings for long lasting use
  • 5 Nozzle StarClusterTM for perfect atomization (5 to 50 micron)
  • EZ Action Pump - just a few pumps pressurize the entire bottle
  • Up to 5x faster than traditional handheld methods

The sale of each handheld sprayer comes with 1 x 16 oz of Atmosphere Cleaner Disinfectant Deodorizer

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Atmosphere Handheld Disinfectant Spray Applicator

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