about us

"the right solution"

Who we Are.

At Atmosphere, we believe cleaning, disinfecting and odor control products didn’t need to include harsh chemicals. We designed Atmosphere with people, equipment, and the environment in mind.

Atmosphere's solution combines innovation and proven science to clean, disinfect, and eliminate odors. In July 2019, we received EPA approval and are proud of all the industries and people who rely on Atmosphere for their cleaning and disinfection needs.

what makes our Atmosphere different?

  • Contains no bleach, acid, chlorine, or abrasives.
  • Low quaternary ammonium and a blend of surfactants.
  • One-step product giving you the right solution.

why is atmosphere the best choice?

  • One product cleans, disinfects, degreases and eliminates odors.
  • Disinfects bacteria and viruses in just 10 minutes.
  • Our proprietary formula helps save time and labor on every job.
  • Easy to use and cost competitive.

what can atmosphere products be used for?

Since Atmosphere is EPA approved and made without harsh chemicals it can be used in:

1. Household

2. Commercial

·       Restaurants

·       Hotels

·       Rental Cars

·       Schools

·       Retail

·       Hospital/Health Care Facilities

·       Salon/Spas

·       Public Safety and Justice

·       Fitness Centers

·       Veterinarian Clinic

·       Marina


3. Industrial

·       Agricultural Operations

·       Waste management Facilities

·       Water Treatment Facilities

·       Food Processing Plants

·       Mining Operations

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